Vogue recently posted about how to get Instagram gratification.  As a new digital assistant account executive at Red PR in London, an instagram obsessive and an avid vogue follower, I had to share this on my own little space on the web. So without further ado, here is how to get instagratification...
Me, my beautiful selfie

Models and perfectly formed It girls only need apply - think Gisele, Georgia May and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Normally involves a dreamy close-up of symmetrical features further enhanced with soft filters just to remind the rest of us how far we have to go. Best accompanied with self-deprecating comments, or under-cut with an equal amount of selfies in silly poses that say, "I'm really just like you…"
Random flowers

We all get excited, it seems, by flora and fauna when on our summer de-camp to exotic destinations (clearly no one grows their own). There are no end of pretty petals in vibrant colours and rarely with the correct botanical labelling (apart from Sam McKnight's). Shows you are in touch with nature and have an artistic side.

See Miranda Kerr, Sam McKnight, etc.
People and pets

A dog is clearly a gorgeous woman's best friend ­- and they love to travel. The added advantage is they can't complain about being endlessly snapped on Instagram (unlike the husband/boyfriend who has said "Enough!") The doggy should be posed in all manner of extraordinary positions and always look impossibly cute (no one snaps them clearing up another poop now, do they?). It's the swiftest way to up your adorability/lovability. (Kittens, fluffy bunnies and guinea pigs also work.)

See Gisele, Katie Hillier, Pixie Geldof, Amanda Seyfried…
Beautiful bodies

Congratulations. Payback time for those who have spent hours sweating in the gym or on the Pilates Reformer. Just add a perfect boat or beach scene, an amazing array of glamorous swimwear and the supremely honed butt. See all Victoria's Secret Angels (retired or otherwise).
Spiritual messaging

This one is easy for all. Simply adopt a yoga pose in a stunning setting (waterfall in background, flowing fields, mountainscape). Then add sugary mantra, "Good morning Mother Earth", for instance. See Gisele.
Me and my fabulous friends

Maximise your address book with strategic shots of you with "famous" friends. (It's obviously essential you invite said famous friends on holiday or, better still, be invited on their holiday.) Ensure that you are wrapped around each other in a warm embrace that spells the relationship is true and close (wheedles out the fakies just photo bombing). Brownie points are earned for famous friend then commenting on your picture. And extra brownie points when another celebrity friend comments on said picture with famous friend. Failing that, simply hashtag Throwback Thursday and throw in an old holiday pic with you and a (probably former) celebrity friend.

If ever there was proof of the perfect aspirational life, it is the art-directed holiday table-setting: flowers, candles, napkins, Tuscan sunset… Doesn't have to be your table, of course. And no need to mention that normally you eat out of a plastic container at your desk.

Party snaps

A risky one. On the upside you demonstrate you are always at the hub of the summer social calendar. There are potential downsides, however. You risk looking sweaty or worse, totally wasted and chances are your boss/fans/Daily Mail/ are following you.


Im Back from Costa Rica

Hello blog reader! I have been away for a while now but now I am back from my trip to Costa Rica. - Lucky me!  Costa Rica is an incredible country and was perfect for the type of travelling experience myself and the girls were looking for. It was action packed but had a good dose of chill out time- plenty of reading in hammocks.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Our flight to Costa Rica was an experience in itself- we had a 24 hour journey- London to Toronto, Canada, Toronto to Houston, then Houston to San Jose Costa Rica.  

A beautiful cow on the way up to the La Fortuna Volcano.  Moo

La Fortuna

This was in Monte Verde where the weather was not fantastic.  Being up high in the mountains, we had humid rain here.  We stayed here very shortly just to do the 'Superman Zipline' and Tarzan Swing- which, by the way, was great fun. 

One of the many beautiful flowers in Costa Rica. 

This is John, one of the guys that ran a hostel in Puerto Viejo called Lazy Mon. His tatts were crazy... as you can see. 

To go into Panama you have to fill in a few forms, pay a few dollars and walk over an old wooden bridge which is missing a few wooden slats and old rusty broken rail tracks.  Whilst watching your feet so as to not fall through the holes on the bridge, you are graced with the most beautiful view of the river and green hills. 

A nutter dressed in 80s gear that ricked up into our hostel in Bocas Del Toro in Panama. We stayed in a hostel called Hosteluego which was fantastic.  I would recommend this hostel to anyone going to Panama. 

Me and Em in Bocas Del Toro

Playa Zapatilla (paradise)

Playa Zapatilla

Me on Playa Zapatilla (which means 'beach slipper')

Laura on her way to go for a cheeky snorkel in Bocas Del Toro

A Tree in the Sea 

A house on the water in Bocas Del Toro

This was a walkway to a little restaurant again in Bocas Del Toro. 

Pointers from my experience in Costa Rica:

1) Get out of San Jose as soon as possible- it is an ugly city with over priced accommodation.

2) The best hostel we stayed in the grime city that is San Jose was Hostel Pangea.  We also stayed at Rica Backpackers and that was down right disgusting and dirty. 

3) Work out the currency before you go- there are about 500 Colon to 1$.  you may get ripped off when you first arrive if they work out you don't know what you are doing with the Colon. 

4) If you are travelling in the British Summer, go as south as possible to get the best weather. 

If you are looking for an action packed holiday or even just a chill out, with good food and friendly people, head on to costa rica.  You will be pleasantly surprised.