Website: Simple Green Smoothies

The green smoothie has been hailed one of the most nutritious and delicious things one can drink (usually for breakfast).  The green smoothie has recently been getting a lot of press, largely due to the fact that a lot of models, celebrities and known health advocates swear by its power to keep you energised, and looking in tippidy-top condition. I was sent this website, 'Simple Green Smothies', by my sister who found it via Stumble Upon (another website).  With a lot of love for healthy eating and a thumbs up to the content on this website I thought it a good idea to share. I am still yet to try making a green smoothie.  This is mainly due to the fact, I like to chew, and also the fact that our blender at home is a great big heavy apparatus, which is not easy to clean. I think I better man up though and give it a try.  Maybe one of these recipes...


Questions: Part 1 of 7

I have realised that I don't divulge too much personal information about myself on this blog. I recently came across a list of 70 questions. These are the types of questions that I imagine a curious and extremely random teenage girl to ask you.  I thought why not answer 10 questions from this question list a week (I will see how I go with this one)  and let the people who read my blog get to know me that little bit better. Thanks for reading and here goes...

1: Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?
I wouldn't want to. I don't smoke 'full time' but really enjoy one when I am having a drink.  However , I could go without if it was a life or death scenario.

2: Are you single/taken/heartbroken/confused?

3: What if I told you that you were pretty?
I would blush and say thank you.

4: Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”?
Yes.  When I was 17.

5: Are you interested in anyone right now?

6: What are you looking forward to in the next week?
Seeing my twin sister as I havent seen her for a month and we are extremely close.

7: Do you want to be single?
For now, I believe I do, yes.

8: Did you go out or stay in last night?
I went to Brick Lane in London and looked around my friend Phillie's art show. We then went out for dinner at the Bluebird in Chelsea which was absoltely delciious. The restaurant lived up to it's impeccable and respected reputation. -Such a treat!

9: How late did you stay up last night?
Until 1.0-am we got back late.

10: Can you recall the last time you realized you liked someone a lot?

So, until the next ten...


Art: KwangHo Shin

I like art- don't ge me wrong, but I rarely see a piece which makes me stop and really look at it.   The artist KwangHo Shin did make me stop, look and think. His work is the kind that makes me try and suss out the steps they took to create the art, but also what message they are trying to convey.

 I haven't been able to find out much about KwangHo apart from the fact that his work has featured in the Saatchi gallery; I guess that means he is big bollocks now?  Anyway here is a collection of his work of faceless people.

Although these pieces are absolutely beautiful and so striking to look at (in my opinion),   I can't quite decided whether I would hang one in my home (if I had one). There is something quite sinister about rubbing someone's face out.


Vegan Apple and Oat Tartlets: Green Kitchen Stories

Even if you're not into cooking or food,  I really think you will enjoy watching this video.  The production is so cute and simple.  It is from one of my favourite foodie blogs Green Kitchen Stories.  These little tartlets are vegan and also made from healthier ingredients than the usual tart (such as coconut oil and oats rather than refined flour and cholesterol buggering butter).  If I was to host a dinner party where I was seriously trying to impress, I would give these little babies a go.


Ascot Attire

As promised in my previous post,  here is a snippet from my day at Ascot races.  Read on to see some posh, and very dapper attire.

Here is my best friend Emily.- You know those friends who are more like family?  We have grown up together and consequently she basically a sister.  Em was wearing a dress by ZARA, with a 'vintage' hat from a charity shop. This dress looked absolutely stunning on Em as she has a figure which makes a woman insanely jealous and vow to go to the gym everyday for a year. 

I wore a dress from French Connection (a few years ago), my Anya Hindmarch little clutch (courtesy of turning 21) and some big chunky office shoes.  I love wearing these shoes because they give me serious height,  they don't hurt my feet in the slightest and I can walk normally in them. Horraahh. My headgear (-or fascinator) is from House of Fraser. 

Emily and Libby. I am not sure where Libby got her gear but she looked great.

Ed, Josh, Toby and Nick

Josh, Toby, Nick and Ben

That's me attempting to look natural, like I've just seen a pigeon or something (taken by Em). 

Em, myself and Ben


Ed and Ellie

It was a gorgeous day and would recommend anyone to go- just don't expect to win loads of money; They always say, you will never meet a poor booky.


Im off to Ascot

I'm off to Ascot today! Im very excited to see this very British horse racing spectacle. -I've got the hat and all. Here is a picture of an Ascot look I love- it's quite Chanel- don't ya think?

It is likely I will post a picture of what I and my fellow Ascot goers are wearing on Instagram.  Follow me @slkeeble X


Style: At Home At Home

I love blogs that give you a sneak peak into people's stylish lives. I came across this blog post on the blog 'At Home At Home' via Pinterest.  Here is Tracey Wilkinson who has recently launched her own tee-shirt line.  Find the original blog post here.   


Some Summer Essentials

Here are some of my summer essentials:

My little lilac converse
Heart shaped sunnies
Cath Kidston rose petal hand cream
Sunflower earrings
Dr Dre Beat Headphones (can't say I'm a headphones expert but these are gold)
Funky beaded jewellery (for special occasions)
And my IPhone (obvi)

I made this gorilla phone cover case from the 'The Kooples' a/w 12 lookbook and a clear plastic case- anyone feeling creative- this could be your outlet. Peace. 


Homemade Vegetarian Paleo Sushi

So I had a go at making homemade vegetarian paleo sushi- and boy was it good. Not only were they tasty and pretty to look at, they were also so easy to make. Here is how to do it. 

F o r   6   m i n i   r ol l s   Y o u   N e e d:
1 large carrot
1 generous handful of spinach
1/2 avocado
1 Nori paper
Garlic granuals
2 egg
Soya Sauce
A Chunk of Ginger
Knob of Coconut Oil
A Bowl of Clean Water

D o:
1) Prep you're veg- you need to 'julienne' (posh word for cutting into little strips) your peeled carrot, slice your avocado into long strips and wash your spinach. 
2) In a bowl, whisk your eggs, with a generous splash of soya sauce and a chunk of grated ginger.
3) Grease your frying pan with your nob of coconut oil, and fry your egg mix like a pancake (so cook, flip, cook).  Once cooked, place your egg pancake onto a plate to cool. 

4) On your Nori Paper, place your spinach, strips of avocado and carrot in a line, close to the edge of your nori paper. Next sprinkle on a generous amount of garlic granuals- I love garlic so there was copious amounts in my rolls.

5) Cut two long strips from the middle of your egg pancake and place on top of the veggies.

6) Roll!  The easiest way to do this is slowly and with a paper towel underneath to help shape and roll. I think practise helps here.  If you happen to have one of those wooden sushi roll mats (looks like a bunch of bbq sticks knitted together with string) then use that here. As you get towards the edge of the nori paper, dip your fingers in the bowl of water, and lightly wet the nori paper.  This will help the paper become flexible to roll around, but also the water acts as a sticking agent.  With the wet end, continue to roll until the end of the paper is stuck down. 

7) With a long stuffed nori roll, cut both ends off with a sharpe knife, and then cut into six small little rolls. 
8) Serve with wasabi and soy sauce, pickled ginger, or toasted crumbled peanuts (as seen in the picture below). 


Happy Fathers Day

Happy Birthday to the best Dad (or Faja as we like to call him - from Austin Powers Gold Member) 

This is what I made for my main man this morning.  Hope you all had a wonderful day. X


Blog: Advanced Style

I had to share this blog 'Advanced Style'; it documents some of the worlds most stylish women who are in their later years. The women of these pages have still got 'it'.  Aside from the fact this is a fantastic and quirky idea for a blog, I think the main reason this blog resonates with me is because my own granny (age 93) is one of the most stylish people I know. Granny Keeble still covets MAC fusia lippy and rocks a breton strip - my granny even bought a pair of jeggings a few years ago! The first photo below is my granny.  The others are taken from the blog Advanced Style.

Granny Keeble: She always wears her chunky silver ring which is of a castle and ghosts coming out of the windows- My sister and I have been fascinated with this ring for as long as we can remember.