Homemade Vegetarian Paleo Sushi

So I had a go at making homemade vegetarian paleo sushi- and boy was it good. Not only were they tasty and pretty to look at, they were also so easy to make. Here is how to do it. 

F o r   6   m i n i   r ol l s   Y o u   N e e d:
1 large carrot
1 generous handful of spinach
1/2 avocado
1 Nori paper
Garlic granuals
2 egg
Soya Sauce
A Chunk of Ginger
Knob of Coconut Oil
A Bowl of Clean Water

D o:
1) Prep you're veg- you need to 'julienne' (posh word for cutting into little strips) your peeled carrot, slice your avocado into long strips and wash your spinach. 
2) In a bowl, whisk your eggs, with a generous splash of soya sauce and a chunk of grated ginger.
3) Grease your frying pan with your nob of coconut oil, and fry your egg mix like a pancake (so cook, flip, cook).  Once cooked, place your egg pancake onto a plate to cool. 

4) On your Nori Paper, place your spinach, strips of avocado and carrot in a line, close to the edge of your nori paper. Next sprinkle on a generous amount of garlic granuals- I love garlic so there was copious amounts in my rolls.

5) Cut two long strips from the middle of your egg pancake and place on top of the veggies.

6) Roll!  The easiest way to do this is slowly and with a paper towel underneath to help shape and roll. I think practise helps here.  If you happen to have one of those wooden sushi roll mats (looks like a bunch of bbq sticks knitted together with string) then use that here. As you get towards the edge of the nori paper, dip your fingers in the bowl of water, and lightly wet the nori paper.  This will help the paper become flexible to roll around, but also the water acts as a sticking agent.  With the wet end, continue to roll until the end of the paper is stuck down. 

7) With a long stuffed nori roll, cut both ends off with a sharpe knife, and then cut into six small little rolls. 
8) Serve with wasabi and soy sauce, pickled ginger, or toasted crumbled peanuts (as seen in the picture below).