Blog: Advanced Style

I had to share this blog 'Advanced Style'; it documents some of the worlds most stylish women who are in their later years. The women of these pages have still got 'it'.  Aside from the fact this is a fantastic and quirky idea for a blog, I think the main reason this blog resonates with me is because my own granny (age 93) is one of the most stylish people I know. Granny Keeble still covets MAC fusia lippy and rocks a breton strip - my granny even bought a pair of jeggings a few years ago! The first photo below is my granny.  The others are taken from the blog Advanced Style.

Granny Keeble: She always wears her chunky silver ring which is of a castle and ghosts coming out of the windows- My sister and I have been fascinated with this ring for as long as we can remember.