DVF: Celebration of the Wrap Dress

Diane Von Furtsenburg has invited us into her home in Connecticut for a first-time photo-shoot of her vintage and contemporary DVF collection.  This invitation comes as a fortieth anniversary celebration for her most famous garment: the wrap dress. The photo-shoot and video (find it on vimeo) was styled by Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment.  I think you'll agree the clothes are fabulous and the photos are gorgeous- DVF can't go wrong in my eyes. 



Im off to Costa Rica

Tomorrow morning myself and four other girls (my sister included) are off to Costa Rica for a month.  I could not be more excited.  As a result of travelling around, where internet will be sparse and costly, I have decided I am going to give myself a months break from blogging. These are some of the things I will be doing in the next month to give you an idea...  Bring on the 18 hour journey there.


Fashion Dogs on Elle.. and Max

Elle Online recently did a feature of fashion designer's and icon's pet pooches.  As I am in love with my (or the family's) labradoodle Max I thought this was too cute not to share. So here is to our little furry friends!

This is Max (our little labradoodle) on my cousins shoulders. You'd have thought Max would be uncomfortable in this position, but he was chilling out and loving it up there. 


White White White

White is always in fashion in summer, but if you haven't noticed, it's even more so this year. I think this is due to the huge monochrome trend on the catwalks this spring summer. Whatever the reason white should be your go to colour to wear- Just don't eat spaghetti bolognese or a chicken korma. Sauce splashes do not go with this look.  Here are some of my favourite pieces from Matches Fashion.


Urban Outfitters Dress

I found this dress in Urban Outfitters the other day and had to share it- it was so gorgeous. With no real occasion to wear it, limited dinero, and a too large wardrobe as is, the purchase was not made. But hey ho- I got to try it on.

Look at the lace! MMmmmm

Shamelss selfie. 


Couture Fashion Week Street Style

Street style pictures that were so fantastic, I couldn't not share them with y'all. 

That print

Those sunglasses

Those trousers

That top (it is by Claudie Perlott- probably my favourite designer)

That dress and sunglasses

The whole quirky ensemble

That printed peplem, and sheer skirt.  This one you have to double take and look at the exquisite detail. 

The ice blonde hair, and printed skirt. 

That Dolce and Gabanana sexy sophisticated dress. Those sunglasses. That hair. 

Monochrome at it's best. 

Source: Vogue.com