Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road Concert

 Last saturday (6th of July) myself, sister, brother, best friend (Cait) and brothers friend (Hugo) all went to The Gentlemen on the Road concert, hosted by Mumford and Sons. Obviously the main act was Mumford, but we were also lucky enough to witness the fitness of Ben Howard, Edward Sharpe and the Manetic Zero's, Haim, and Vampire Weekend.

Cait and Laura walking to the concert

The stage and crowd watching Haim. 

This concert exceeded any expectations I had.  It was literally like a mini festival complete with funny food stalls, rides, bunting, chill out areas, disco, fields and pissed jolly people everywhere- it was fantastic!  I expected Edward Sharpe and the Magneti Zero's and Ben Howard to be my favourite's as I listen to their music most out of all of the acts, but Mumford and Sons really stole the show.  Their vibe, energy and sound literally blew me away. The weather was hot (maybe too hot) and the music was incredible.  If ever there is a chance to see any of these acts again, I would in a jiffy.  Here are a few photos and a video from the concert.

Messing around getting ready to walk to the stage to watch Mumford and Sons.

Cait in her cap- cool cat.

Laura chilling to Ben Howard

Hugo messing around, doing the swan yoga pose

Above, Laura and I
Below, Hugo, Sam, Harry (brother) and Rory

V i d e o
M u m f o r d    a n d   S o n s