Style File: Last Summer

Around this time last year, I got (slightly) dressed up to go to a golf club for my grandads birthday. Golf clubs are places where ladies exist and ladetts do not. Golf clubs have no time for tarts, nor for people with bad manners and poor attire.  For this reason jeans or denim are out, as are this season's favourite- the crop top. I dont think I did too badly on the golf club front.  I managed to match my shoes rather nicely to my dress and bag- ker ching. With only a few weeks away, here's to my grandads birthday this year. X

Dress: Jack Wills
Shoes: Blue Velvet
Bag: Kenya

My sister and I were given these bags as a birthday present whilst we were in Kenya.  The bags are amazing- they are made from recycled plastic bags, beads and recycled fabric.  They are the most tactile bags you will ever see- you just want to touch them the whole time.