Happy Easter

H A P P Y    E A S T E R! 

I   H O P E   I T ' S    E G G C E L L E N T  ! ! 

W I T H   L O V E

Q U I   B E L L E



Recipe: Dark Chocolate Easter Nests

Easter is the time for chocolate chocolate and more chocolate. 

How did chocolate get so intertwined with the 're-birth' of Mr Jesus Christ?  Further more,  why is the easter intrinsically linked to the egg? 

One person at the table last night (she who must not be named) suggested that little chicks were hanging around Jesus' cave upon his re-awakening. 
My instincts tell me that the egg is linked to the creation of life; and chocolate is linked to celebration. To find out, I will have to take a trip to see the old village vicar, but I'm not that desperate to sit through the life of Christ any time soon...

Anyway- Chocolate! -Easter! -Eggs! ...


Pour Les Garcons

Introducing to you, the covetable newbie label Pour Les Garcons.

Now you may be thinking that you have to hop across the pond to France to bag yourself one of these beauties, but don't fret.  Despite the devastatingly cool French name, Pour Les Garçons is actually a British brand.  #Hurrah!

Set up by two trendy cool kids- turned young entrepreneurs, Pour Les Garçons was created to fill the gap of the stylish, comfy and reasonably priced jumper.  - And that it has. 

Pour Les Garçons is a bit like the Yorkie chocolate bar which has the slogan 'Not For Girls'.  It's not that Pour Les Garçons is only for boys, but like the name says, the brand is "For The Boys".  This jumper was meant to be for my brother, Harry, hence the slightly larger fit of a male size Medium. But androgynous is sooo in and the jumper is sooo comfy, I just couldn't resist.

I have been wearing this jumper far too often.  It goes with everything.  Jeans- all styles (hence my green ones in this picture), long maxi dresses, tracky-bums on Sunday, cute tailored shorts (sounds wrong but looks so right).  I think the jumper especially goes with beanies- reference Cara Delevigne here. I even wore my jumper into the office the other day: I dressed it up with my leather open toe strap shoes, skinny navy chino's and chunky silver necklace.  There is little chance my brother is going to get his hands on this puppy. 

There are reasons why I am raving about this jumper besides its style factor.  The Pour Les Garçons boys have done it right.

Firstly, the logo pushes my design buttons. - I love it! The little French man, his curly moustache, the monochrome colour scheme, the quirky scribble font. - Geeky I know but you have got to agree that this is cracking design.

Secondly, the postage.  The jumper, was sent to me in this brown paper bag (see picture below).  This reminds me of the school lunch bags that Mum's pack for kids in the films. This is so much nicer than a plastic bag- not to mention environmentally friendly.

Thirdly, I love the Pour Les Garçons polite manners.  Along with the jumper, inside my cute lunchbag post was a Pour Les Garçons postcard with a thank you note. -How courteous!

Fourthly, on all of the products labels is a QR code. When scanned you can visit their website.  Even the Pour Les Garçons label is smart. 

I have had to part ways with my Pour Les Garçons jumper for a day as it is due a wash.  I will follow the instructions of 30 degrees and an air dry. 

This brand is set to be BIG NEWS.  You know how people rarely comment on clothes?  I actually received three 'I like that jumper where can I get one' comments in one day.

Be ahead of the trend and treat yourself to a Pour Les Garçons jumper. The brand also does beanies and t-shirts. Visit either their Facebook page or their website
Do it- For The Boys...


Cara Delevingne and her Beanie Hat

If you havent heard of Cara Delevingne, where have you been for the last three months?  Having been voted top model, been the face of Burberry, DKNY, been on the cover of VOGUE, LOVE magazine, Cara is taking over the fashion world, rivalling Kate Moss' career.

But how has she done it?  Besides having the most incredible bone structure and those famous thick dark eyebrows, Cara has picked up a cult following for her bubbly and fun personality.  She is known for pulling faces for the paps and also for her casual quirky style.

Central to her style is the beanie hat. She wears these hats day-in, day-out.  Aside from


Happy Birthday SJP

Today is SJP's birthday.  How old is she?  48. Well- according to wiki anyway.  Sarah Jessica Parker continues to be on the my idol list.  I want to be Carrie Bradshaw- except perhaps a little less self centred-  don't we all.

The way Carrie (or SJP) dresses makes me want to run to the next vintage shop, find a tutu and pair it with my favourite old t-shirt knotted at the waist and borrow my mum's eighties pointed courts, just in the faint hope of emulating that Sex in the City look.  The reality is that without SJPs gorgeous- albeit tiny- figure, decent weather, the New York setting and that American ballsy confidence, one generally ends up looking like they got dragged through the fancy dress shop backwards.  Hey ho, we can only try.  Here are a few of my favourite SJP snaps.


Style File: Teddy in London

You may have met Teddy before, here.  Teddy is my old university friend. He is also incredibly stylish.  I caught up with Teddy in London last week, which was such a treat.  We did the cultured posh-totty thing we always talked about doing when we were in Leeds- visited the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea, Duke of York Square.   This is the same gallery I saw the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition.  The Saatchi gallery is fantastic; it's free, it's quirky and it's in a really nice part of London. 

Teddy adhere's to a quintessentilly British style: the Barbour-esque jacket, the tartan scarf, the Raybans and quirky old vintage shoes.


Recipe: Broccoli Bean Mint Fritatta

So yesterday I had a late lunch, and when it got to the designated dinner time (7.30) I really wasn't that hungry.  Instead of having a jumbled inadequate meal of random yummies, I decided to make the light meal of a fritatta.  A fritatta is meant to be the healthy version of a quiche: pastry free egg concoction. A fritatta is also meant to have potato or some similar root vegetable in it. But as I follow a paleo diet and also the fact that those veggies generally take a while to cook without a microwave, I left them out.  So essentially, here you have a baked omelet.

This particular one is a roasted broccoli, green bean and mint one. 

Broccoli is a nutrient- dense wonder vegetable.  It is high in Vitamin A and C: both vitamins do wonderful thing to your skin and also your immune system among other things. Broccoli is also high in folic acid, calcium and fiber.  
Green beans (or french beans), like brocoli is also high in vitamin A and C, fibre and calcium. Beans also have quite a high amont of protein in them for a vegetable.  So if you are a veggie, go wild on these little strips of green.
Not only does mint taste delicious and fresh, it is great for digestion. It is anti-inflammatory and settles the stomach.  That is why a fresh mint tea is fantastic to have after a big meal. Mint can also help with nausea, headaches and coughs.
Eggs are a wonderful food full of protein, healthy fats, all your amino acids, b vitamins, iron, you get the idea.- They are just fabulous for you.

So not only are you eating a yummy meal, you are making yourself more beautiful, healthier and intelligent.


Music: Indiana

Every so often ELLE magazine has a page where it recommends new, and up-and-coming music.  This is one page I always fold down the corner and make sure I follow their words of music wisdom.  If you read ELLE magazine and come across this, I advise you to do the same and check out what they have to say because 90% of the artists on that page have gone down a treat with me.  One of the artists which I am loving at the moment is a quirky blonde girl called Indiana.  Her music is 'raw', thought provoking, and edgy all in one.  

All of Indiana's songs I have listened to so far have been great.  This is the one that is stuck in my noggin at the moment though.  Its a grower , so listen to it a few times, give it a few days then listen to it again.  It will resonate with you ten times more that way. I hope you like it too! X


Nail Inspiration

As it is my new years resolution o grow my nails, I think it is about time I get some inspiration to fight the bite...



Photography: Pigeon Lady of London

On Thursday I took my pretty, big, proper, grown-up Olympus-pen camera to London. Walking through St James park, I came across this lady who was feeding the pigeons. Who wouldn't be intrigued by a woman who doesn't mind have pigeons fluttering in her face.  Personally this is my worst nightmare: flying rats all up in your grill. A pigeons got to eat though, and it seems this is the woman to help them out. 


Cold Cold Freezing Cold

If you are like me and havent stepped outside today because it is so freezing cold then lets all take a moment to think about those in Milan.  Why Milan?  Because it is Fashion Week there darling, and, like the celebrities at the Oscars, our beloved fashion bloggers, editors and fashion front row clan are standing out in the blustery wind, in their fashion worthy (not snow, wind and sleet worthy) beautiful outfits.  These sub- zero temperatures call for the 'unfashionable' ugg boot, a big puffer jacket and a hat that covers little ears.  Instead, this season has dictated our front row fancies to wear pointed courts, cigarette pants and structured coats...


Figgy and Sprout: Raw Almond Yoghurt

Figgy and Sprout is one of those enviable foodie blogs with a 'clean' design, gorgeous photography and lovely, educational and inspiring words.  Hats off to Katie who is the blogger behind this website as there are plenty a healthy recipe that I am running to the kitchen to try out-  if only I had one of those beautiful kitchens with dark wood, cute plates and convenient lighting. 

This recipe caught my eye as I am an absolute yoghurt obsessive, health freak and lover of Almonds. I bring to you Figgy and Sprouts 

nom nom nom

This recipe is Vegan friendly and gluten free. 

Probiotics have always had a positive review.  Here is what Katie (from Figgy and Sprout) says about Probiotics. 

"Probiotics are getting a big publicity boost in mainstream media these days. They have always been good for us, but now people seem to be talking about them more, which is a good thing. Acidophilus provides the health benefits of fermentation, the largest of which is the introduction of probiotics into our system. A balance of good bacteria is necessary for optimal immune system functioning and intestinal health. In addition, fermented foods aid our bodies in absorbing vitamins (particularly vitamins C and B12), minerals and omega-3 fatty acids from food."

So Im off to order my probiotic powder... buy yours from Amazon.


The Red Dress

If you haven't noticed, there is a lot of red going on at the moment.  Us women have different names for red.  To men red is red.  To women, red is "cherry red" or "scarlett" or "burnt red".   At the moment, the red seems to be a bright "coral red".  As it is mothers day soon I thought I would focus my attention on the most female garment:  the dress- or frock as it used to be called.  So combined together, we have the red dress.  The red dress is sexy.  It is smart, attention- grabbing, sensual, and - if worn correctly - it can make you feel a million dollars.  These are just a few of my online favourites for an occasion where it is required you be a lady. Happy shopping!... and Mothers Day on Sunday. X

Well I had to end with a Valentino dress didn't I?  After all that is what his forte is. 


Bluey Robinson

I discovered this singer on YouTube. He is talent.  Have a listen to him jamming live on the streets of London with his acoustic guitarist.  Get ready to clap, bob and smile... Bluey Robinson.


The African Super Food: Baobab

Predominantly, when we think of ‘super foods’ we automatically think antioxidants. We think of exotic fruit and vegetables like blueberries, avocados or the acaii berry- and rightly so, but very few of us would think of baobab. Say hello to the new super-food of 2013: Baobab. When I saw new, I don’t really mean new because this fruit has been around for donkeys years. It is Africa’s well-kept secret for improved health, beauty and vitality. 

Baobab is a tree grown in fifteen different countries in the African continent. Without having heard of baobab, you may recognise the tree, as it boasts quite a distinctive look: an extremely fat tall trunk and short branches arched towards the sun. Like everything in nature, there is reason for this: The trunk is fat and tall because it stores the water it collects in the rainy season. This water is then used to produce the baobab fruit on the end of its sky-facing branches, in the dry season. Because the tree provides when no others do, the baobab tree has been dubbed ‘the tree of life’. 

A super food is called so because it is extremely nutrition dense. That means lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep you in your prime. Baobab has an oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of 24,300. This is over twice the amount of antioxidants per gram compared to goji berries, blueberries, and pomegranates combined (Aduna). For you, reader, I will break down baobab’s nutritional content, in the hopes to educate you further and convince you to adopt the super food. 

· Baobab contains lots of vitamin C, which protects our skin from oxidative stress. 

· The high levels of antioxidants help protect our skin from damage caused by free radicals. 

· Vitamin C contributes to restoring our vitamin E levels and collagen production (anti-aging benefits). Vitamin E is the vitamin that gives us strong long nails, shiny flowing locks and glowing skin. 

· Potassium is present in Baobab, which helps maintain a normal blood pressure. 

· Vitamin B contributes to a healthy hormone balance in the brain, helping to combat depression. 

Digestion and Metabolism 
· A lot of people suffer from poor digestion. Baobab is high in calcium, which helps our digestive enzymes do their thing. 

· Baobab is almost 50% fibre, helping us detoxify and maintain healthy bowels. 

· Vitamins B1 (Thiamin), B6 and C are all present in baobab, which aid the process of converting our calories into energy. 

· Vitamin C enables you to absorb the iron you ate in your red meat. With iron comes energy. 

· As you know, baobab is high in vitamin C, which is what your immune system practically runs on. 

So where do you get this baobab stuff? 

Like the acaii berry, baobab is generally eaten as a supplement in a powder form. This powder is added to all sorts of food, but most popularly, your morning smoothie. You can get Baobab powder from: 

So, reader, have I convinced you?