Music: Indiana

Every so often ELLE magazine has a page where it recommends new, and up-and-coming music.  This is one page I always fold down the corner and make sure I follow their words of music wisdom.  If you read ELLE magazine and come across this, I advise you to do the same and check out what they have to say because 90% of the artists on that page have gone down a treat with me.  One of the artists which I am loving at the moment is a quirky blonde girl called Indiana.  Her music is 'raw', thought provoking, and edgy all in one.  

All of Indiana's songs I have listened to so far have been great.  This is the one that is stuck in my noggin at the moment though.  Its a grower , so listen to it a few times, give it a few days then listen to it again.  It will resonate with you ten times more that way. I hope you like it too! X