Cold Cold Freezing Cold

If you are like me and havent stepped outside today because it is so freezing cold then lets all take a moment to think about those in Milan.  Why Milan?  Because it is Fashion Week there darling, and, like the celebrities at the Oscars, our beloved fashion bloggers, editors and fashion front row clan are standing out in the blustery wind, in their fashion worthy (not snow, wind and sleet worthy) beautiful outfits.  These sub- zero temperatures call for the 'unfashionable' ugg boot, a big puffer jacket and a hat that covers little ears.  Instead, this season has dictated our front row fancies to wear pointed courts, cigarette pants and structured coats...

Dont you just shiver at the thought of standing outside in these?  Lets just hope that Milan does not have the same bitter breeze as Surrey England has right now.