Photography: Pigeon Lady of London

On Thursday I took my pretty, big, proper, grown-up Olympus-pen camera to London. Walking through St James park, I came across this lady who was feeding the pigeons. Who wouldn't be intrigued by a woman who doesn't mind have pigeons fluttering in her face.  Personally this is my worst nightmare: flying rats all up in your grill. A pigeons got to eat though, and it seems this is the woman to help them out. 

What I loved about this woman was her obvious love for an animal most of us flinch and turn our nose up at.  It was evident that she got so much pleasure from helping and caring for these birdies. 

It is apparent to me that the average pigeon of St James park is much nicer than those which inhabit the rest of London and, in general, the country.  The pigeons of Leeds are thin, evil beady eyed, scrappy birds with at least one gammy infected foot.  It seems greenery and a good old tree serves this species well. 

Or maybe it is the fact they are being feed generously by Pigeon woman of London. 

Keep it up Pigeon lady.