Style File: Teddy in London

You may have met Teddy before, here.  Teddy is my old university friend. He is also incredibly stylish.  I caught up with Teddy in London last week, which was such a treat.  We did the cultured posh-totty thing we always talked about doing when we were in Leeds- visited the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea, Duke of York Square.   This is the same gallery I saw the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition.  The Saatchi gallery is fantastic; it's free, it's quirky and it's in a really nice part of London. 

Teddy adhere's to a quintessentilly British style: the Barbour-esque jacket, the tartan scarf, the Raybans and quirky old vintage shoes.

Teddy outside the Saatchi Gallery. 

Raybans and all.

Teddy's quirky vintage shoes. 

Our meet was lovely, and the Saatchi gallery was all that we had talked about.  We came out of the building feeling educated, cultured... and slightly disturbed.  The current exhibition on at the Saatchi is of Russian art.  To paint you a quick picture (excuse the pun), one installment was of people sitting on the edge of a balcony about to jump (-or not, up to the viewer) and another installment of graphic photography, including a naked heroin addicted unkempt women, wonky infected willies, smoking children and tattooed bodies with a stomach tumour.  Lets just say the Saatchi has not inspired me to book a flight to Moscow anytime soon.  However,  I do recommend going to the gallery with a friend.  The realisation that it feels like yesterday you saw your friend who you havent seen in ages, alongside the complimentary Saatchi gallery- well, that's priceless!