Recipe: Broccoli Bean Mint Fritatta

So yesterday I had a late lunch, and when it got to the designated dinner time (7.30) I really wasn't that hungry.  Instead of having a jumbled inadequate meal of random yummies, I decided to make the light meal of a fritatta.  A fritatta is meant to be the healthy version of a quiche: pastry free egg concoction. A fritatta is also meant to have potato or some similar root vegetable in it. But as I follow a paleo diet and also the fact that those veggies generally take a while to cook without a microwave, I left them out.  So essentially, here you have a baked omelet.

This particular one is a roasted broccoli, green bean and mint one. 

Broccoli is a nutrient- dense wonder vegetable.  It is high in Vitamin A and C: both vitamins do wonderful thing to your skin and also your immune system among other things. Broccoli is also high in folic acid, calcium and fiber.  
Green beans (or french beans), like brocoli is also high in vitamin A and C, fibre and calcium. Beans also have quite a high amont of protein in them for a vegetable.  So if you are a veggie, go wild on these little strips of green.
Not only does mint taste delicious and fresh, it is great for digestion. It is anti-inflammatory and settles the stomach.  That is why a fresh mint tea is fantastic to have after a big meal. Mint can also help with nausea, headaches and coughs.
Eggs are a wonderful food full of protein, healthy fats, all your amino acids, b vitamins, iron, you get the idea.- They are just fabulous for you.

So not only are you eating a yummy meal, you are making yourself more beautiful, healthier and intelligent.

1)  Roast your brocoli and beans.  Chop about 100g of broccoli into little trees. Chop the ugly ends off your beans and cut in half again.  Put these in a roasting tray with two cloves of garlic (roughly chopped) and a drizzle of oliver oil. Leave to roast for about 10-15 mins.  Once cooked, the broccoli head should be a little chargrilled.
2) Break 6 eggs into a bowl.  Add a dash of milk, a tsp of baking powder, salt and lemon pepper. Whisk this. 

3) Grease your large frying pan with oil.  I used coconut oil as this is great when using high heat. Place your roasted beans, garlic and broc in your greased pan, top it with a large handful of fresh mint and put on the heat.  When your pan is hot, whisk your eggs again and pour mixture over the veggies.

4) Sprinkle some grated parmesan over your fritatta. Put a plate over pan to keep heat in.  This will help cook the top. 

5) After five or so minutes, your fritatta should be cooked. So carefully lift the fritatta onto a plate, slice up and serve. 
Last night I was lazy so served myself a sloppy looking piece from the pan.  It was delicious though.