Anyagrams: Anya Hindmarch A/W 2013 Campaign

Possibly the coolest PR move? Anya Hindmarch A/W 2013 launched the ‘Anyagram’ campaign. The campaign is tagged ‘The Game of the Name’ whereby each front-row guest at the Anya fashion show was given an ‘Anyagram’ game. The game provided the guests name in letter beads, the aim to create an obscure anagram (or “Anyagram”). The aesthetic of the campaign supports her board-game inspired A/W handbag collection. The campaign urged the guests to talk about the Anya Hindmarch show on social media. The front row guests (influential editors, bloggers, celebrities, journalists, photographers) were spreading the word about the show using the hash tag #Anyagram. I only wish I was influential enough to get myself a seat on the front row. Damn.

What I love about Anya Hindmarch is that she has subverted the normal hype of London Fashion week.  Typically people are enthused by the talk of the Erdem show, the models of Topshop Unique or the trenches at Burberry, but this year she has decided to take the headlines storm by the traditional game of anagrams.

I submitted my name. 

These are my Anyagrams.  I think the best one is 'a shake rebel' or 'a seek herbal'.  - I like herbal tea you see. 

From the front row at the Anya Hindmarch A/W 2013 Fashion Show. The bracelets even came in a cute little board-game-esque Anyagram box!

So whats your Anyagram? Click here to have your go.