Product Review: Oatifix

My good fabulous friend Geneva lured me into Lush many a time when we lived together at University. Geneva is Lush's biggest fan: she uses their shampoo bars, soaps, lip balms, moisturisers- the lot.  As she recommends Lush so highly, and the fact that she has gorgeous and glowing skin, I decided to try out one of their fresh face masks: Oatifix. 

The little secret here is that Lush are very good to strangers that walk through their door.   Not only are they extremely friendly bubbly enthusiastic people but they also like to give away little testers of their products. #woopwoop. 

What I like about Lush (apart from free-bee's and nice people) is that their products are all organic and from a natural base.  This face mask for example is pretty much made from bananas, almonds, vanilla and oats.  -Sounds like my kind of breakfast! It makes sense really.  All natural products for an all natural healthy looking skin.  Here is the ingredients for this fresh face mask. 

Watch how it is made...

What Did I Do?
I slapped a nice layer of Oatifix on my face, left it on for fifteen minutes and washed it off with hot/ warm water.  When washing it off I did the whole circle rubbing action to remove any dead skins cells.

What Do I Think?
Flipping fabulous.  My face feels like a baby's bottom- seriously smooth and clean. Although this face mask is supposedly for dry skin, I would suggest it to anyone in England with this cold below 5 degrees weather. The cold dehydrates my skin and therefore this mask is a brilliant boost.  Oatifix is quite a nice price too- only £5.95 for 75g of the stuff.  Nice, compared to the creme de la mers anyway. 

I have two problems with this mask:
1) It smells so good when you put it on taht you want to eat it.
2) It only lasts roughly four days as it is fresh- it is quite hard to use 75g in four days.  My advice- it great for a girls night in.