Portrait by Greg Lourens

Introducing the Artist Greg Lourens.  I was lucky enough to meet, work with and become friends with Greg.  Greg's artwork is not just a striking portrait of his chosen subject.  His work reflects the person; their personality, mood, traits, their inner feelings.  How does he do this?  

From working with Greg and being one of his subjects I know that it is what Greg gives his subjects, that creates such unique and great pieces of work.  He gives you time, reassurance, confidence and forces you to understand yourself that much better. 

To create the portrait you see above, Greg and I did two photo-shoots.  The first photo-shoot commenced with Greg's explaining what drew him to me as a subject, in addition to his objectives for the drawing.  Greg pointed out the process of creating his art could be seen as a journey- a journey we would take together.  

The photo-shoot was different to my expectations and to anything else I had really done.  Because Greg's aim was to capture 'me' and not any facade, the shoot forced me to reflect on myself.  When I normally have a camera pointing at me my instant reaction would be to smile- to put up the facade of being happy. With no facade and just looking into the camera, I was forced to access my real feelings and mood. The only other parallel I can draw with the experience is meditating at the end of a yoga class- but meditate properly.  You go within yourself and time goes very quickly.  Throughout both photo-shoots Greg would ask me 'what are you feeling?' Both photo-shoots told me a lot about myself that I didn't really know.

After each photo-shoot Greg and I met up over coffee and discussed which ones we liked, wondered what was going through my head at the time of each shot.  Its strange to say but you think your pulling a blank face but actually there is a lot of emotion in each shot. 

The photo we both liked a lot was the one that Greg chose to draw,  A month later and the portrait was done.  It is a strange thing seeing your face blown up on a wall.  What strikes me about Greg's work is the amazing detail he renders, but ultimately it is how he captures the personality. I can see myself in that portrait.  I am so flattered and honoured to have worked with Greg.  Not only a wonderful artist but a wise and caring man. I believe he will go far.

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