Suitcase Magazine

Yesterday I picked up my first ever issue of the fashion and travel magazine SUITCASE.

I am loving this magazine!   Here are five reasons why this is my magazine of choice.

1) The graphics design is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. 

2) It is sexy.  One of the first things I noticed about this magazine (apart from the sultry girl on the front) was the quality of the paper.  Yep, I know,  a bit of a loser thing to be excited about, but the thick matt paper makes it feel so expensive. This makes it a collectable. As I magazine-obsessed-lover,   I would never dream of throwing this baby away. 

3) The content is unique and fabulous. This edition that I picked up is the third edition and focuses on the USA.  In this mag, you will discover everything America: Where to eat in San Francisco, the American Festivals,  American inspired fashion edit- you get the idea. I wonder what country the next issue will focus on?

4) It is only five pounds.  Yeh- a little bit more than your ELLE but remember it is so sexy you can't throw it away. So essentially your buying a really nice book for a fiver. Bargain I say. 

5)  It is quarterly. This makes it super special when it does come out. 

Contents of my bag yesterday: SUITCASE magazine. Pink pen. Cath Kidston handcream. Keys. Nail File. Keys. Cath Kidston key ring. 

Here are some sneak peak pages of SUITCASE.