Recipe: Dark Chocolate Easter Nests

Easter is the time for chocolate chocolate and more chocolate. 

How did chocolate get so intertwined with the 're-birth' of Mr Jesus Christ?  Further more,  why is the easter intrinsically linked to the egg? 

One person at the table last night (she who must not be named) suggested that little chicks were hanging around Jesus' cave upon his re-awakening. 
My instincts tell me that the egg is linked to the creation of life; and chocolate is linked to celebration. To find out, I will have to take a trip to see the old village vicar, but I'm not that desperate to sit through the life of Christ any time soon...

Anyway- Chocolate! -Easter! -Eggs! ...

Last night my twinie and I decided to make some easter treats. Here is the recipe for dark chocolate shredded wheat nests.

I n g r e d i e n t s :
100g dark chocolate
1 serving large shredded wheats (2)
mini eggs
8 dried apricots
handful of cashew nuts

D o :
1) Melt your chocolate in a glass bowl. Laura and I chucked it into the microwave for 20 seconds, then stirred, then a further 20 seconds, until completely melted.
2) Chuck in your chopped apricots, your broken up shredded wheats and your bashed cashew nuts.
3) Mix all ingredients until everything is covered in chocolate.
4) Spoon your mixture into little cases.
5) Top mixture with a little mini egg.
6) Put your little nests in the fridge, until set - this may take 30mins. We left them over night.
7) Enjoy your little nests.

Happy Easter y'all. X