The Red Dress

If you haven't noticed, there is a lot of red going on at the moment.  Us women have different names for red.  To men red is red.  To women, red is "cherry red" or "scarlett" or "burnt red".   At the moment, the red seems to be a bright "coral red".  As it is mothers day soon I thought I would focus my attention on the most female garment:  the dress- or frock as it used to be called.  So combined together, we have the red dress.  The red dress is sexy.  It is smart, attention- grabbing, sensual, and - if worn correctly - it can make you feel a million dollars.  These are just a few of my online favourites for an occasion where it is required you be a lady. Happy shopping!... and Mothers Day on Sunday. X

Well I had to end with a Valentino dress didn't I?  After all that is what his forte is.