Pour Les Garcons

Introducing to you, the covetable newbie label Pour Les Garcons.

Now you may be thinking that you have to hop across the pond to France to bag yourself one of these beauties, but don't fret.  Despite the devastatingly cool French name, Pour Les Garçons is actually a British brand.  #Hurrah!

Set up by two trendy cool kids- turned young entrepreneurs, Pour Les Garçons was created to fill the gap of the stylish, comfy and reasonably priced jumper.  - And that it has. 

Pour Les Garçons is a bit like the Yorkie chocolate bar which has the slogan 'Not For Girls'.  It's not that Pour Les Garçons is only for boys, but like the name says, the brand is "For The Boys".  This jumper was meant to be for my brother, Harry, hence the slightly larger fit of a male size Medium. But androgynous is sooo in and the jumper is sooo comfy, I just couldn't resist.

I have been wearing this jumper far too often.  It goes with everything.  Jeans- all styles (hence my green ones in this picture), long maxi dresses, tracky-bums on Sunday, cute tailored shorts (sounds wrong but looks so right).  I think the jumper especially goes with beanies- reference Cara Delevigne here. I even wore my jumper into the office the other day: I dressed it up with my leather open toe strap shoes, skinny navy chino's and chunky silver necklace.  There is little chance my brother is going to get his hands on this puppy. 

There are reasons why I am raving about this jumper besides its style factor.  The Pour Les Garçons boys have done it right.

Firstly, the logo pushes my design buttons. - I love it! The little French man, his curly moustache, the monochrome colour scheme, the quirky scribble font. - Geeky I know but you have got to agree that this is cracking design.

Secondly, the postage.  The jumper, was sent to me in this brown paper bag (see picture below).  This reminds me of the school lunch bags that Mum's pack for kids in the films. This is so much nicer than a plastic bag- not to mention environmentally friendly.

Thirdly, I love the Pour Les Garçons polite manners.  Along with the jumper, inside my cute lunchbag post was a Pour Les Garçons postcard with a thank you note. -How courteous!

Fourthly, on all of the products labels is a QR code. When scanned you can visit their website.  Even the Pour Les Garçons label is smart. 

I have had to part ways with my Pour Les Garçons jumper for a day as it is due a wash.  I will follow the instructions of 30 degrees and an air dry. 

This brand is set to be BIG NEWS.  You know how people rarely comment on clothes?  I actually received three 'I like that jumper where can I get one' comments in one day.

Be ahead of the trend and treat yourself to a Pour Les Garçons jumper. The brand also does beanies and t-shirts. Visit either their Facebook page or their website
Do it- For The Boys...