Figgy and Sprout: Raw Almond Yoghurt

Figgy and Sprout is one of those enviable foodie blogs with a 'clean' design, gorgeous photography and lovely, educational and inspiring words.  Hats off to Katie who is the blogger behind this website as there are plenty a healthy recipe that I am running to the kitchen to try out-  if only I had one of those beautiful kitchens with dark wood, cute plates and convenient lighting. 

This recipe caught my eye as I am an absolute yoghurt obsessive, health freak and lover of Almonds. I bring to you Figgy and Sprouts 

nom nom nom

This recipe is Vegan friendly and gluten free. 

Probiotics have always had a positive review.  Here is what Katie (from Figgy and Sprout) says about Probiotics. 

"Probiotics are getting a big publicity boost in mainstream media these days. They have always been good for us, but now people seem to be talking about them more, which is a good thing. Acidophilus provides the health benefits of fermentation, the largest of which is the introduction of probiotics into our system. A balance of good bacteria is necessary for optimal immune system functioning and intestinal health. In addition, fermented foods aid our bodies in absorbing vitamins (particularly vitamins C and B12), minerals and omega-3 fatty acids from food."

So Im off to order my probiotic powder... buy yours from Amazon.