Chanel: The Little Black Jacket Exhibition

So back in September did a post preparing you to set aside a day and pencil in the Saatchi gallery's opening of Chanel: The Little Black Jacket Exhibition.  I have already told you that the idea behind the exhibition is to show the versatility of the Chanel little black jacket. I have told you the many fashion capitals this exhibition has shown in.  I also told you how excited I was about this- not only because its Chanel and beautiful black and white photography shot by Karl Lagerfeld with the help of fellow muse Carine Roitfeld, but because this arty affair is free to attend!

Me in front of the Saatchi entrance

Phil and Eva

The exhibition was beautiful!  The photos speak for themselves.  There must have been about 130 images- maybe more.  I took a photo of my absolute favourites....:

I loved this because it exudes an arrogance from Anna Wintour.  She knows her hair is iconic and has embraced that power.

Elizabeth Olsen- interestingly enough, although her twin sisters are better known for their fashion moves, they did not feature in this exhibition. 

Freja Behr Ericsson: Controversial?

Too cute

Room size Blown up portraits: These were light from behind with a coloured glass: blue, yellow, red and white. 

This was one of my favourites

This was my absolute favorite photo.  Its just so feminine, sexy and different- well I think so anyway. 

Carine Roitfeld dressed as Coco Chanel herself. 

What I loved most about this exhibition is that each muse photographed in this Little Black jacket series was captured.  Their background, their passion, their personality.  For example I love how this indian man has been styled with a jeweled turban, how the african model has been styled with african prints, or how the young man was  photographed playing his violin with real emotion, or how Kirsten Dunst looks really sassy and confident.  All of the images brought something new to the table, something different.  It is a testament to the photographer, Karl, the stylist Carine and the Chanel Little Black Jacket.  It really is the most diverse piece of clothing in ones wardrobe.. I just need to find myself a cheaper version... any suggestions?