Bare Faced Beauty

I don't know if you have noticed but recently there has been a lot of press about wearing no make up. I believe this whole craze was kicked off by Sarah Jessica Parker (claiming she was) wearing no foundation to the Met Gala Ball earlirt this year. Whether the Carrie Bradshaw star started this trend or not, it has taken off. Loreal have launched their own no make up campaign with Cheryl Cole, Gwyneth Paltrow later turned up to an awards ceremony without make up, and Spring Summer catwalk beauty championed face-sin-slap.

Here are some faces of S/S 2014.

I love this trend as it is easy and care free. To look like you are not wearing any make up- sometimes you do need to wear a bit just to make yourself look appropriate. Focus on a tinted moisturiser (I like Laura Mercier), a good subtly blush (I use Liz Earl blossom), and concealer to hid those dark circles you have acquired (I use Boots No.7) and hey presto- this look is all yours.

NB: This look always looks better when you are healthy- the healthier, the less help you need with make up and the better you will look. Do not attempt this look if you have had a heavy night out- one generally looks better with a lick of mascara to bring out your alcohol swollen eyes (from my experience anyway). 

(I think this model may have had a larger than normal dose of photoshop...)