Isabel Marant for H and M

For those avid fashion followers, this blog post may be 'soooo two weeks ago' but I have been busy and I still want to celebrate this collaboration. 

So, Isabel Marant: the French queen of Boho-cool; the woman who dresses the Vicky Secret models and made high heeled trainers actually quite cool. Now we all get to have a slice of that parisienne style! Be prepared to see lots of print (printed jeans, jumpers, dresses, etc) bead work, and leather. This collection has embodied all of the key Marant top sellers.

Compared to Maison Martin Margiela's collection with H and M this time last year, I feel like this collection is going to be a lot more successful. Marant is known to design her clothes based on what she wants to wear everyday. It is why her clothes are so covetable: they are a funky twist on easy to wear clothes. 

What I do fear about this collection however is the quality of the fabrics. Until we actually see and touch the fabrics, we are not going to know. As we all know, a really tacky synthetic fibre is not going to hang as nicely as we would like over the ill-fitted PVC 'leather' trousers. Fingers crossed H and M have invested a little more here. 

Here are some of the key pieces I will be lusting after when these hit the shops. 

These look so cosy.
Here are some of the pieces which I think Isabel left to her assistant to design and I think are terrible.
I could be wrong, but I think the neckline isn't going to flatter anyone. 

If I were to dress up as Arial (Disney princess mermaid) for Halloween...

Cool in theory, but on anyone over a six 6 these are going to look awful. 

Let me just grab my gun and cowboy boots. 

Really? The zip just offends me further...

Check out the full collection here via Vogue.com