Style File: Harry

Hello Harry! This is the second post I have done on H (my brother). I made him pose for this style file just before he was driving himself to the station to head up to London. 

 You know when people say 'he/ she was just born cool'? I dont think anyone is born cool.  From my twenty two years of life experience and always looking up to those 'naturally cool' people, (and also through being friends with them), I have learnt that looking cool takes a lot of effort and money. You have to know how to put clothes together and also keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest.... generally speaking anyway.  I would argue that people who argue against me on this one, think that they are cool and dont want to be labelled a try hard.  

Im not saying H is a try-hard or that he looks too put together, but I know, when he put this outfit on, it wasn't just chucked on- it was carefully styled. And who cares- he looks great. Style down to the T. The effort paid off H.

Top: Jack Wills
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Hankie: Vintage

Hat: Go Ahead

Skinny skinny Jeans: Topman

Shoes: Converse

Bracelet: Links