The Kitchen and Andy

This is my boyfriend Andy.  We have been together for three and a half years. Ever since I started this blog, Andy has asked why he has not featured.- Although he says this is a jokey way, I know he secretly wants to be championed for his dress sense.  One of the things I love about Ands is how he looks after himself. He dresses well and he takes care of his body: this only results in a very polished good looking guy ... in my opinion anyway. 

So a few weeks ago Andy and I trotted along to my favourite eatery called The Kitchen in Woodstock, Cape Town. The Kitchen is a beautiful little cafe/ restaurant which prides itself in beautiful salad platters and 'the Love Sandwich'.  The cool and quirky people of Cape Town come here for a quick lunch time plate of different salads and meats, (take away optional) or a Love Sandwich. Just to explain quickly- the love sandwich was dubbed its name because it is made with love- they take some of the doughy bread filly out and replace it with their homemade red pestos marinated meats and fresh fresh greenery. As sarnies go they are cracking. 

Andy and I came for breakfast.  So whilst we sat there drinking our coffee from vintage mugs, I told Andy that today was his day: I was going to take a few photos to share on my blog. 

Andy in front of the Kitchen.  Andy wears: 
Top: Topman
Shorts: Country Road
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
Watch: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Converse

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Vintage ceramic flower ornament at The Kitchen

Shoes under the table: Andy's high top grey converse; my metallic and leather Kurt Geiger Lucca Plimsoles. 

The Kitchen Breakfast: Scrambeled egg with chives on top, sliced avocado, rye toast, bacon, and a mini salad with gherkins and homemade dressing. 

The Kitchen's menu board. 

If you are visiting Cape Town be sure to visit this little place.  It won't disappoint. The lovely thing about this cafe is the people who run it. It was created by a woman called Karen Dudley who is passionate about her food.  Every time I have been in the Kitchen, she personally greets you and even remembers your name. Her staff obvious love her and it has a real sense of family and friendship.  I had a lovely breakfast and a delicious coffee whilst sitting next to my stylish boyfriend.  A girl cant ask for much more in a morning can they?