Whistles Leather Trousers

After getting back from Mozambique, I downloaded my 218 emails that were waiting for me.  I am not trying to boast that I have a lot of friends emailing me because I sincerely do not (damn).  As a blogger, fashion fanatic and lover of the Internet, I am a subscriber to many a designer, blog, shop and news platform.  I would say that 98% of my emails are from these subscriptions.

I love these subcriptions.  They keep me in the loop of what is going on.  I wanted to share one element of one of my subcriptions – The leather pants from Whistles. Whistles is one of my favourite clothing brands at home (England).  Although I can’t really afford their clothes on my student budget, I love looking at their new items.  Their leather trousers really caught my eye. 

Four years ago if you said leather trousers would be the trouser of the a/w 12 season I think I would have laughed in your face. After Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were seen sporting their own superior leather trousers from The Row, and many a label following suite, the leather trouser is the pant with attitude. Even though I am sitting in sweltering in Stellenbosch South Africa, I want to be wearing a pair.

This Whitsles pair are perfect.  They are super skinny, fitted and have the zips to add that extra sexy biker look. With fashion being almost non-existent here in South Africa, I am itching to get home and try on some leather trousers to keep my pins warm in the English winter. Jane Sheperton, if in the 0.000001% chance you read this post, please save me a pair?