Belts belts belts: J D Solis

As I am British, and a little bit posh I thought I would share a timeless and rather stylish superbly English present idea for your hubby, brother, dad or boyfriend- it is valentines day coming up after all. 

"The J D Solis belt, is inspired by the history, heritage and style of Polo. By combining the classically stylish leather featured in the horse’s saddle and rider’s boots, with the colourful team jerseys, we have embodied the effortless style and character of Polo, allowing you to take it with you, wherever you go."

"The belts are made with woven rope and saddle leather enabling us to produce a belt that is timelessly stylish whilst being extremely comfortable around the waist. The belts also have no holes, the pin slots anywhere through the weave, meaning that you will never have to put up with a belt that is too tight or loose ever again"

So here are the beautiful quality belts:  I think my favorite is the burgandy "havana" belt as I think the colour really compliments the tan leather buckles: it's also more valentine-sy.  But you choose. . . .