Menswear 2013: Andy

If you didnt know, Men's fashion week has just happened.  As a result I have been informed by Liberty of London the top items for Menswear 2013. Looking at some photos I took of Andy (my boyfriend) I have to say that he really is quite fashion forward.  

Andy wears: 
T-Shirt: Country Road (Liberty's no.5)

Stripped pocket detail. 

Watch: Hugo Boss
Trousers: Navy Blue Chino's Country Road (Liberty's no.9)

White Low Rise Converse

Here are Liberty's recommendations:

Similar to Andy's Shades in my style file on him. 

So to any girlfriends with boyfriends with birthdays coming up, or to any male readers who stubble upon this website, you now have a rough idea what fashion has dictated you wear.