Loubie Loup: My Twinie's blog

I introduced my twin Laura on a 'style file' back in September. I think Laurie quite liked the whole blogging thing as she has only gone and set up her own.

Being twins people often try and create some black and white differences between us to help them differentiate us as people. For example, Sarah short hair, and Laura Long hair. Laura in blue and sarah in pink.  This has happened from day one. This differentiation continues into our personalities and interests too.  Despite the fact that we both have big interests in fashion and healthy cooking, I have always been known as the twin with the 'passion for fashion' and Laura has been dubbed the amazingly healthy cook.  - what nice things to be known for, dont cha think?

So with my 'fashion-y' based blog, Laurie has now created her own foodie-y blog.  Here is her first post:  Yoghurt Banana Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate Muffins... nom nom nom

Being in South Africa for so long, I not only miss my sister, but I seriously miss her cooking.  I'm looking forward to more posts twinie. XX