Bimba & Lola

Upon visiting Valencia three times now (my twin is on her year abroad studying there) I have stubbled across the Spanish designer shop Bimba & Lola. 

Bimba and Lola catches your eye immediately as you walk past. Each of the shops feel like you are walking into a wealthy spanish lady's well- organised wardrobe.  Shiny dark wood shelves and perfected spotlighting display their playful but chic collection.  Colour is important with Bimba and Lola. Hues are never dull or dark.  Take a look at the clothes rail to see what I mean.  What make the bright colours look expensive and very much wearable are the beautiful expensive luxurious fabrics they use and the cut of each piece.  Attention to detail is second to none.  Bimba and Lola are not just a clothing line.  Although their clothes are stunning,  it is their accessories which are more sought after- or so it seems (their shops primarily display their bags, jewelry and shoes).

I have to say it was the shoes and the jewelry that caught my eye most.  The SHOES!  They are all a little bit wacky and unusual but they still look classy and sophisticated at the same time;- a difficult balance to strike.  These ones were my absolute favorite;

Printed Snakeskin Wedge: The ones I would take home if I grew £50 notes (or ¢50 for that matter) on a little tree. 

I thought these were very similar to Vivienne Westwood's S/S '12 shoes

People are wearing these type of dessert boots all over Spain.

Sweet ballet pumps

Colourful Wardrobe: The clothes

The jewelry:  The jewelry is not small, delicate or dainty;  it is a statement.  Each piece screams 'look at meeeee' because everything is over-sized and in a colour which refuses to be ignored.  

More jewelry.

Their Sunglasses- I fell in love with the bottom pair (round).  They were ¢85 but looked odd on my face.

More Shoes


And shoes...

Mirrored Wardrobe



The clothes


Their Washbags 

Bimba and Lola are expanding fast.  I now know (and vaguely remember) that they have a shop in Westfields, Shepherds Bush, London.  They probably have other shops in London too, although I am yet to check those out.

Anyway, take a look at their website and you will see what gorgeous things they have.