Mirander Kerr for RUSSH

I have got a crush on Mirander Kerr.  Not only does she have the most incredible body (hence why she has the pretigious titile of being a Victoria Secrete model) but she has a great sense of style too. 
The full feature can be seen in the Oct/Nov issue of RUSSH
Mirander has recently done a photoshoto and spread for the Austrailian fashion magazine RUSSH (see above). The magazine have titled the piece as 'Miranda is home' as the Austrailian beauty returns back to her home country.
Kicking back: The Victoria's Secret model looks very youthful in the shoot, making it had to believe that she's almost 30-years-old
I can't help but imagine that outfit would look average on anyone else...?
Picture perfect: RUSSH's editor-in-chief said that 'it had to be' Miranda for the cover of their homegrown issue

Grafitti Jacket

Effortlessly cool: Miranda sports a pair of John Lennon-esque sunglasses in some of the shots

 Effortlessly cool: Miranda sports a pair of John Lennon-esque sunglasses in some of the shots

Front cover outfit: ACDC baseball tee
Leggy lady: Miranda has snapped back to fantastic shape following the birth of her son Flynn 
Floral Maxi skirt with vintage white trainers.
 Different look: Miranda models some fairly obscure looks in the shoot such as this ruffled skirt and striped cardigan
Neon green and black knit with frilly skirt.
 Breaking the rules: Miranda is seen tucking into a bag of crisps while wearing a black and white striped dress
Mirander in a stripey dress. "tucking in" to a bag of Walkers- I dont know whether I can believe that with a body like hers?  She is notoriously health conscious...
Feeling lazy: The mother-of-one shows off her perfect pins as she lays in the sun
The shoot was sponsored by the clothes line Joy Collective.
Now all I have to do is go and find a shop where they sell RUSSH magazine.  I think WH Smiths sell it! Fingers crossed.