I have fantasised about wearing glasses since I can remember.  They can make you look older, wiser and cooler.  I am that annoying person that always ask to try on other peoples glasses.  And now I am also that annoying person who thinks they can get away with wearing 'fake' non- prescription glasses.

I caved!! I did the search on Ebay.co.uk and ended up winning a bid on some funky (perhaps slightly too large) glasses.  Much to my excitement, they arrived in the post yesterday morning.  These are them: 

The glasses chilling on my bedside.  Yes, I am reading Bridget Jones Edge of Reason and yes, it is better than the film, and yes I do have the new Sartorialist book just casually on my bedside.  I think the saying 'you can tell what a person is like from the books they read' is mildly true:-  from working 9am-5pm for the past month,  a heavy read is the last thing I fell like burdening my brain with when I climb into bed.  

Anyway back to the glasses...  These are them...  

See what I mean by quite (almost too) large?
I am yet to wear them out in public, but I know my dog approved of them.  He gave them a little lick when I wore them to make my dinner this evening.  As for my parents,  they just double took and then laughed.  I'm not sure whose opinion I should take as to whether they are cool or not.  I think I will take Mad Max the labradoodle's opinion.  It would be a waste of my £4.10 if I don't wear them out of the house now wouldn't it?... watch this space...