Style File: The Chelsea Teapot

This is what I wore the day we strolled to The Chelsea Teapot.  

I didn't have much choice what to wear this day.  I had stayed at a friends apartment so only had a small bag of clothes with me.  Heels are never my first choice for sunday footwear but, like I said,  I didn't have much choice. The only choice I had this morning was between this grey handmade QuiBelle jumper, or a Sandro coral one.  As it was a crisp but nippy cold sunny morning (my favourite), I decided to go for the warmer option.

Jumper: Uniqlo (customised to say 'QuiBelle' by myself)
Black Suede Handbag: The Retro Boutique Leeds (vintage)
Jeans: H & M
Boots: M & S