Maison Martin Margiela for H & M

Every time the British high street collaborate with a designer, the fashion influential journalists, bloggers and media outlets always (in the only way that the fashion industry knows) dramatically proclaim this to be the collection that is most highly anticipated and most exciting.

H & M and Maison Martin Margiela (MMM) are the most recent fashion collab.

- Vogue's write up of the Launch party

So no more of the anticipation because the collection has been photographed screened.  Here are some of the pieces:

Why was this highly anticipated?  It's so ugly!!  Firstly I cant imagine many average H & M goers to want to buy these pieces let alone wear them in public.  Personally I think these pieces are for the eccentric woman who knows how to dress these oddly cut pieces specifically for her amazingly toned body (i.e. not many women at all).  

For example, the famous skin-toned top with the black body print (first picture) is going to look hideous on the average person above a size twelve. It will probably highlight the normal woman's tendency to have rolls of skin when she sits down- or muffin tops for that matter.

Again the bo-ho crop top;  that is for the slender tanned brazilian who is on holiday in Bali! Not for the English woman in winter.

And how are we meant to keep warm wearing that half-long/ half-short strappy tuxedo dress in the cold weather?  

This collection is not practical and not pretty.  Sorry MMM- I know you are trying to be different but I don't think you have pulled it off. 

Although, perhaps I am being the typical pessimistic English woman... Your turn to decide reader!