The Chelsea Teapot

Last weekend I stayed at my friend Lu's which happens to be in the nicest part of London: Chelsea. After having our morning cup of tea to wake us up and soothe our heads we walked along Chelsea Harbour in search for some late breakfast.

Chelsea Harbour

Lu and Cait walking along Chelsea Harbour

River Thames in Chelsea

We ended up strolling right onto the notorious Kings Road, arriving at the Chelsea Teapot Cafe.  They did exactly what we were wanting (eggs on toast) for a reasonable price. 

The Chelsea Teapot

This is the first sight you are greeted with at The Chelsea Teapot; cake, cupcakes and more cake. Everything is surrounded by all things sugar and spice and all things nice.  

I always think cafe's are that much more authentic when they have chalk boards with the daily specials.    They are even more authentic when the word 'homemade' is on there.  The day we went, on the counter was a large glass bowl of 'homemade' butternut and ginger soup.  Next to this bowl were 'homemade' hummus, carrot and spinach rye bread sandwiches. -Yum!!  

Opposite the counter is a shelf of little English tea-themed presents. 

We sat down in the cafe and ordered our eggs on toast.  They arrived promptly and cooked to perfection. 

Cait and Lu with their breakfast.

It was just one of those lovely mornings where you eat a delicious meal, chat for two hours afterwards and leave with a big smile on your face because of the enjoyment of it all.  So, if you are ever in Chelsea, with good company, with a grumbling tummy, and five pounds to spare, pop into The Chelsea Teapot for lovely atmosphere and brilliant breakfast.  You won't be sorry.