Style File: Harry

I thought I should do a style file on my Brother Harry.  This is what he was wearing two days ago upon our arrival in Valencia where I am blogging from now.  We are here visiting my twin sister Laura which is such a treat because a) we get to spend some time with our sister, but b) WE ARE ON HOLIDAY!  Yay!

So this is what Harry wore to travel in:

Jenas: Topman
Top: Gap
Boots: All Saints
Sungasses: Rayban Wayfarer Tortoise-shell
Bag: Trenery

Close up of the booties. 

Man hands.
Bracelet: Links
Watch: Longines
Sunglasses: As before (Rayban)

I love this Trenery bag.  The leather finishes on the handle and zips make this canvas bag look extra stylish and expensive.  

So this is Harry in a nutshell, his uniform, his safe outfit.  He has variations of this outfit with different jeans or different tee-shirts- always with boots/ high-top converse and Ray-bans. 
Just a bloke wearing jeans and a tee-shirt?  Yep, probably, but I think it is with these accessories that pull the whole look together and make him look like the cool cat he is.