Blossom: Mercat de Colon

The old market in Valencia has been converted into a hub of posh cafe's and restaurants.  This is precisely where we always go now for a good meal and fantastic coffee.  The Mercat de Colon is situated near the nice shops and old buildings.  There is beautiful architecture wherever you look. 

As our mum is also out in Valencia at the moment visiting with four other women, Laura and I decided to meet her and the ladies for lunch at the Mercat de Colon.  We went to our usual lunch spot which is called Blossom. The atmosphere was great, the sun was shining, lady chat was flowing across the table, but the food did take quite a while to arrive.  However, when it did arrive, we understood why.  There are no shortcuts in that kitchen; everything is made fresh.  As a result the food tasted amazing.

Mum had the fresh tagilatelle with tomatos, garlic and basil. 

Four of the other women had a saffron prawn (gambas) risotto.

One lady had spinach and ricotta ravioli with a fresh tomato, garli and olive sauce.

Laura and I had our favorite black sesame seared Tuna steak with a tangerine lettuce salad and a sesame, ginger and garlic dressing.

The lunch was fantastic and definitely worth another visit.  Here are some images of the Mercat de Colon.