Get Some Head Space

G E T   S O M E   H E A D S P A C E

Meditating is a funny thing.  We all know we should do it.  But what actually is meditating?  When I was younger I used to think meditating was sitting in the lotus position (or cross legged as this is a tricky old pose to do), shutting your eyes, with your hands making circles, and making an omm-ing noise. - I modelled this on Rafiki from the Lion King and also from my Granny who was an Iyenga yoga teacher.  Meditating looked funny and sounded weird but as I have grown older, the activity of meditating has become more attractive. 

Meditating is not far off what I thought it was when I was a child. However from practising meditation it is a real bugger to try and do on your own.  The only time I think I have successfully meditated is at the end of a yoga class when the yoga teacher is talking you through relaxing every part of your body.  I find it almost impossible (and also feel a bit silly) when I sit on my bedroom to relax properly.  Without relaxing you do not reap the full benefits of meditating. 

That is why you need Headspace.  

You can download Headspace for absolutely free on the app store.  The free app gives you ten free meditation sessions. Each session is ten minutes long consisting of Andy Puddicombe guiding you each session- a bit like the yoga teacher at the end of the class.  The idea of the app is that you buy a meditation class when you have used your free ten sessions. 

The sessions are great and make you feel super relaxed.  It is just a really nice way to start the day. Check out the Headspace website here. 

Promise you it is worth it.