Brussel Sprout Fig and Feta Ravioli Video

I am not a huge fan of pasta. It makes me feel bloated, full and lethargic. Because of this I have avoided eating pasta for some time now.  Another large problem I have with pasta is the mis-guided portion size that people think is normal.  An Italien friend once said that a portion of pasta must be no greater than the size of your own fist.  You can see where the Americans and other 'quantity over quality' cultures go wrong. 

Regardless of my thing against most pasta dishes, this one looked just too cute not to share.  This video is from the blog Naturally Ella,  This blog is full of gorgeous vegetarian dishes, beautiful food photography and lovely videos like this one.  Watch Ella make this feta, fig and brussel sprout ravioli.  The recipe is on her page

I hope you like it as much as I do.