Style File: Laura in Valencia

As you may know Laura and I are in Valencia.  The other day we went for a stroll over to a friends house.  Luckily for us, it is nice and warm here in sunny Spain.  Off we skipped in our shorts, t-shirts and for Laura, dungerees. 

I love dungarees.  There is something so juvenile and quirky about them. Perhaps we feel cool when we are wearing dungarees because it is the garment we wore when we were invincible little five year olds.  

This particular pair of dungarees was bought on Ebay a few years ago.  Yes it was a bit of a gamble to bid on such an unlikely article of clothing.  Firstly- how do you know they will fit?  The answer is that you don't.  Both Laura and I have to roll up these dungarees because they are far too long.  Furthermore, dungarees were not all the rage when Laura was buying them like they are at the moment.  I did think Laura was a little bit mad when she was buying them- all I was hoping was that she would channel Alexa Chung rather than the Rugrats.  I'll let you decide whether she was successful or not in pulling off that look. 

Laura wears:
Dunngarees: Ebay
Cropped grey strappy top: Cotton On
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Beaded Flip Flops: Kenyan Duka
Bangle: Valencian mini store
Watch: Longines

One of my favourite details about these dungarees is the random little orange butterfly on the back. It just makes them a bit different from the standard ones Topshop are now pumping out.