Design: Paul Smith Rose Perfume

I have the perfume Paul Smith Rose.  It smells divine.  The bottle is gorgeous, but the thing that I really like about this perfume is the packaging.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't buy this perfume for the box, however, it is the thing that drew me to test the perfume in the first place.   They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover- or, in this case, judge a perfume by its packaging. I cannot bring myself to throw this box away.  So before I do just that, I thought I would take some pictures and share with you why this box is so sexy- yes sexy.

Three things I love about this packaging: 
1)  The Paul Smith scribble font.
2) the bold black 'Paul Smith Rose' font
3) The actual rose drawing
4) How the rose image goes over the top and side of the box but still lines up. 

This could potentially be the geekiest post I have done.  But who doesnt like a good bit of packaging.  This box justifies why brand image is so important, and why a good bit of design does sell something. Besides the box, this perfume smells amazing.  Check it out at any Boots, House of Fraser or perfume shop.