Minted v Skinted: The White Sleeveless blazer

We all love a bargin, so here is a little bargin for you! ...provided you want to buy a sleeveless white blazer.

This blazer is from the luxurious, dead-trendy clean grunge brand Rag & Bone.  The cut is beautiful, the fabrics are expensive and the design is intricate.  Just look at the perfect stitching, the textured leather and the shape on the shoulder. *sigh*  

Unfortunately the majority of us cannot afford £370 jacket which we would wear on special occasions in the fear of spilling balsamic vinegar down it.  So I present to you the more bank-friendly version from ZARA. 


This jacket comes in at a nice £59.99- and doesnt the model look gorgeous.  yes we do not have leather, a yes the lining wont be as silky soft as I'm sure Rag and Bones will be. However, for the amount of times one can wear this jacket, as well as the amazing ZARA design and price, I definitely know which once I would buy.