Style File: Phillie in Valencia

At the moment I am in Valencia, taking a Spanish course to upgrade my (currently dismal) Spanish speaking abilities.  With no return flight booked yet,  I do not know how long my trip out here is going to be, but I do know, for the first few days in Valencia, I had a real holiday. My gorgeous friend Phillie flew on the same flight as my twin sister and I.  You may have met Phillie on my blog before. She is a girl who knows how to dress.  As I have previously stated, her style is very classic and well put together. She is also my hair-spiration (she has hair that rivals Kate Middleton).

Whilst we were in Valencia, I took a number of photos of her outfits.  They were too gorgeous not to!  Here is what Phil wore out to dinner last Saturday night.

Jeans: GAP
Handbag: Bally
Necklace: Thailand
Watch: Follie Follie
Shoes: Converse

I made Phil stand in the setting sun while I took some photos of her.  She looks beautiful but I feel bad for her eye balls.  Sorry Phil. 

But seriously, look at her hair.  Completely jealous. 

More photos of Phil to come.