Off Ibiza Today

Despite my apprehension, I am off to Ibiza today.  Why am I apprehensive?  Well this is not going to be a relaxed in the sun holiday.  For starters the weather is predicted to be a bit blustery, cloudy and cold rather than the super sunny place we all think of as Ibiza. Furthermore, this holiday is a prepaid Erasmus (university year abroad) holiday.  This means we are booked to go to a few water and foam parties and are expected to get drunk, and be drunk for five solid days.  Those that know me well know this is not really my style.  I am one who gets horrendous hangovers and dreads the feeling of waking up after having a few drinks- sometimes the pain the next morning is not worth the night before.  But shut me up.  I am going to go with the mantra of keeping a positive mind set and go with the flow.  Im sure the holiday will have its moments, but its a holiday, so it should be fun.  For the rest fo the week, my posts will be scheduled. I'll let you know how the week of drinking goes after. Wish me luck! Sarah X