Post Secret

I have been following post secret on and off for many years.  If you havent heard of the website, it blogs peoples secrets that they post.  The idea is that one's secret becomes art. The secrets are anonymous and treated with confidentiality. By expressing a secret, and sending it off to the post secret organisation, the burden of carrying a secret is alleviated.

What I love about the site is that unlike most or all blogs, this blog makes you feel more secure rather than insecure.  Sometimes I feel that the narcissism of blogging is damaging.  Most blogs feed on glamour.  The blogger has the wardrobe you want, has the cooking skills you want, or even has the hair, legs, bum and tum that you want. Post secret is the opposite of that because it doesn't reveal its subjects as commercialised models, chefs or people; with anonymity that facade is broken, and real secrets alongside human insecurity is revealed.  When I read post secret I remember that no one is perfect and we all share the same secrets.  Here are some recent secrets. 

Post Secret updates its blog every Sunday.