My New Roots Spring Samosa's

My New Roots is my favourite food blog.  Sarah Britton (the blogger) not only gives you delicious recipes, gorgeous photos and inspiration for dinner, she teaches you about the food you are eating.  Sarah Britton is a top nutritionist and has the knowledge and know-how of how to use food to feel great and (most importantly) be healthy.  I think another thing I admire about Sarah is how she writes; she makes healthy eating sound so exciting, fun and accessible.  You can feel her passion for food through her words.  

This morning I was sent another beautiful recipe from Sarah: 'Fully-loaded Spring Samosa's with Sweet 'n Sour Chutney'. The Samosa's sound delicious and are also vegan and gluten-free.  I can't say I live a vegan life-style (I'm an egg and yoghurt monster) but I do believe that us humans should avoid gluten if we can. I can't wait to try this ol' recipe out. They would be perfect for a afternoon summer snack- or whenever really. I would like to try them with a large bowl of Raitia (that yoghurt-y mint dip).  Here is the recipe on My New Roots.