Breakfast in a Jar

There is something so attractive about serving something in a jar.  It makes something look so cute, rustic and special.  The other morning I put my break-y in a jar.

On this morning I had plain yoghurt, with cubes of avocado, slices of banana with sprinklings of bee pollen, linseeds, cacao nibs.  Now I know avocado on yoghurt sounds like a suspicious thing to have but don't knock it until you've tried it. I like the creamy texture of avo with the creamy texture of yoghurt. 

I do have to admit that this little jar of yoghurt pictured here didn't fill me up- I had more banana and avo on the side- but for presentation purposes, I kept those out of the picture. Here's to trying weird and wonderful food combinations.  After all, how else do we come up with popular concoctions as smoked salmon with cream cheese?