A Weekend In Madrid

Last weekend my twin and I took a four and a half hour coach journey through the countryside of Spain, from Valencia to Madrid. Although both cities are Spanish, Madrid and Valencia are not similar.  Madrid is bigger, dirtier and basically a big city.  I can easily say that I prefer Valencia. The metro was confusing in Madrid, the people looked sad and everything was a bit more expensive (my generalisation). Although we had loads of fun visiting the city and supporting our friends in the Madrid Marathon, we were glad to get back to the pretty buildings, friendlier people, sweet side streets and gorgeous shops of Valencia.  The highlight of the trip was seeing friends who we hadn't seen in ages. But aside from friends there were two things that made Madrid: The Central Market and the Flamenco Show we went to.  

Here are some pictures of the market. 

The central market: Mercado De San Miguel

Big Scary Monkfish

Little Chorizo's

Laura and I

Me at the Market in front of the Mojitos and fruit juices

Laura at the Market

Fresh pesto lasagne

The bomb: Anchovies, Olives and Japlenos on a cocktail stick

A Man Carrying out the fresh coquetas.