As I informed you, last week I was on the notorious party island of Ibiza. I was apprehensive about going to Ibiza: firstly because Ibiza is a place for excessive drinking (which Im not very good at) and secondly because the trip was being organised by Erasmus. So were my apprehensions viable?  Yes and no.

Our journey getting to Ibiza was absolute hell. We were told to get to the bus stop in Valencia for threepm. After a three hour wait outside at the bus stop (waiting for the unorganised Erasmus life staff to sort out which pupils had paid) we finally left at 6 o clock. 

We then had an hour and a half bus journey to Denia (the port where our ferry was leaving from).  We then had a two hour wait (outside in the cold) before we got on our ferry at 10pm.  Our ferry was four and a half hours long which consisted of drinking and bopping around in a 'boat disco'.  To paint you a picture; imagine a group of European people (a lot of french, german and italiens) all drunk, on a swaying ferry.  The boys were wearing dodgy coloured fake raybans, plastic trilbys, tacky wife beaters and ill-matched (mainly chequered or billabong) swim shorts.  The girls were wearing those too short shorts, flip flops and a fluro boob tube that doesn't stay up.  I sound very judgemental but it was more peoples behaviour that was most shocking.  Everyone on the boat was looking for a shag or at least a bit of tonsil tennis. After an hour or two of bopping on the boat, I looked around and realised that people were either eating each others faces, grinding on one another, excessively drinking, or passed out. We finally arrived in Ibiza at 2am.  We then had to wait an hour before being lead to our hotel which was a fifteen minute walk away. We arrived at our hotel at 3am where there was one man on the reception desk waiting to check in 300 students using paperwork.  We waited our turn and was finally checked in, freezing cold, at 4am. We arrived in our room to no beds set up and one sheet to keep us warm. Sleep was only granted at 5am after we had hunted a few blankets down and made our bed. 

Despite our crappy journey, the rest of the trip was fantastic.  Im going to go with the saying pictures speak a thousand words.  So here is the rest of our trip. 

The first day we hired cars and drove to a secluded little beach.  

Here is Laura in her cool tiger swimsuit on the beach.

Hugo passed out on the pebble beach.

On the first night, we went to the famous club Pacha.  Apparently the club entry in season is normally €80. We paid the nicer price of €25.  

On the second day we went to Ibiza old town where we climbed the castle.

Here is the view from the top of the castle. 

The view of the town from the top of the castle

The view of the castle from the town. 

Me walking around the old town. 

On the third day we went to Cala Salada.  This was a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters and lots of Ibizans topless sunbathing.

Me in the cold water cooling down. 

That evening we went to Cafe del Mar to watch the sun go down.  The picture speaks for itself.

Laura and I after the sunset. 

Laura and Stefan in the club that night.  This was at Privaledge.

Laura and I before a night out. 

Passed out on the beach in Formentera. 

Alex sleeping on the beach in Formentera

A beached Boat in Formentera.

The last night we went to Es Paradis where there was a water party.  this club was really cool interior, and with our free entry, it was worth a visit. 

Me and Simon waiting for our ferry home. 

On the ferry back to valencia.

And hey presto! - that was our trip to Ibiza in a nutshell.  Would I go back- perhaps. But I would go back for the beaches and not so much for the clubs- there is only so much of loud house music and leery greasy men I can take. At the end of the day, a club is a club- even if it is in Ibiza.